Cerkno Slovenia

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Since 1967 E.G.O. has maintained business relations with ETA d.o.o., Cerkno, which is one of the largest manufacturer of hotplates in the world. The site has been part of E.G.O.-Group since 1992.

ETA has been involved in the production of household appliances since 1947. In addition to hotplates, today's product range focuses on the manufacture of thermostats for temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. ETA also manufactures cast iron components and has developed mature expertise in the production of technical accessories and metal stamping. Around 730 employees work at the production site in Cerkno.

Product Groups 

Quality, Environment, Energy 


ETA d.o.o., Cerkno
Goriska cesta 19
5282 Cerkno

Telephone: +386 537 55 00 0


Contact person

Tina Menard, Director Human Resources

+386 5 375 5380

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