Specialists and Managers Career opportunities for the highest standards.

A fulfilling career does not only mean exciting challenges, international activities, and a collegial corporate culture for you, but also enough room for private and family life? Give us the chance to get to know you. We will give you the opportunity for a career in an international high-tech company.  

Whether you are new to the profession or already have many years of experience – committed, independent people are the right people for us. Because one thing is clear: You determine the pace of your career yourself. 

Lifelong learning included.

You will find the necessary freedom to implement your ideas in an environment with short coordination channels and flat hierarchies. At the same time, we support the continuous development of all E.G.O. employees. In addition to training, coaching, and various “on-the-job” learning opportunities we offer a systematic development program for the targeted promotion of leadership skills. We also support your personal development. On an individual basis, for example, during assignments abroad, you can gain intercultural experience and exchange knowledge across borders.

Working abroad: International as equals.

E.G.O. offers countless opportunities to gain an international foothold. If our employees want to make a difference and contribute their knowledge abroad and expand it, we offer first-class career prospects. Giuseppe L'Insalata, Project Manager at E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH, experienced this: “I enjoy dealing with different cultures and facing new challenges and topics. At E.G.O. I have already been able to apply my knowledge to exciting projects in Croatia, Brazil, and Italy. In the next few years, I am particularly looking forward to expanding the solutions and methods we have developed in Oberderdingen internationally. Seeing them deliver results at other locations motivates me all the more.”

Values Our DNA: Mission Benefit, Pioneering Spirit and Integrity

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