EGO Connectivity Solutions Intelligent networking of all applications.

Our focus has always been to create the highest possible customer benefit. With our connectivity solutions, we ensure the intelligent and reliable integration of household appliances for a networked home that makes people's everyday lives more efficient and more comfortable.

The technical possibilities are far from exhausted. Our highly motivated and specialized team of experts supports customers and partners in developing new and useful applications and business models. With a high level of commitment, we are expanding our portfolio of networked solutions day by day, and with it the benefits for our customers.

We are building the home of tomorrow today.

During the development process, we are in constant, close cooperation with national and international standardization and technology committees. This enables us to maximize the quality and safety of our technologies.

With the help of highly responsive teams, we are able to react very flexibly to changes in the market or changing customer requirements. When developing modular hardware and software designs, it is important to us that they can be used in different devices and that customer-specific adaptations can be implemented quickly and easily. Because the home of tomorrow is not going to look the same all over the world.



E.G.O. develops connectivity solutions for the cooking, baking, dishwashing, clothes washing, and refrigeration sectors. Specifically, we enable the different components and systems:

  • To communicate and interact with other devices within a networked ecosystem
  • To perform automated and remote functions
  • To support big data use cases, such as predictive maintenance through product status monitoring, which simplifies service
  • To have the capability to receive updates and upgrades wirelessly
  • To be able to be individualized according to customer requirements while still in the production line

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