College students and graduates Free space for fresh ideas and personal development.

Pioneering spirit and the search for new ways are part of everyday working life at E.G.O. We work worldwide on new solutions for the large and small technological challenges of our time. To do this, we need committed, creative, and inquisitive employees. They not only deal with today's topics but also work on tomorrow's technologies.

We allow young professionals to take on responsibility and develop their skills. We offer a global structure, personal orientation support, and the necessary freedom – so that you and your ideas can expand your limits.

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(FOREIGN) INTERNSHIPPractical experience for theoretical knowledge.

At E.G.O. you have the opportunity to complete your practical semester in an international high-tech company. You work independently in project teams and get to know our company. But most important of all: You will deepen the knowledge acquired in college by applying it in a real working environment. In addition, you can also gain exciting experience abroad during an internship semester at one of our worldwide sites.

Working student activityStudy and gain work experience.

As a working student, you will be involved in current projects at E.G.O. – even while you are still in college. The type and scope of activities are based on your needs and the requirements of the company. This means you can enjoy the benefits of an employment contract, make contacts, and have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge from the classroom to real-life situations. Study-related tasks are enriched with practical experience. In this way, you not only create an optimal starting point for your bachelor's or master's thesis but also for your future professional career at E.G.O.

Capstone projectA perfect start into the future.

Suppose you are studying economics or technology at a college or university. In that case, you will find a wide range of topics for your capstone project at E.G.O. Even if your topic is not necessarily to be found among our offers, please contact us anyway: Because the most important thing is that your application is convincing – and perhaps even gives us new ideas.

The alternative to direct entry: E.G.O. MOVE.


E.G.O. MOVE – full speed ahead.

Are you ready to start your career full throttle? Have you always been exceptionally committed, strong in implementation, and enthusiastic about taking on new challenges? Do you want freedom of action and design? Do you want to establish an extensive network and direct contact with the top executive level and the management board?

Then E.G.O. MOVE is just right for you: We can offer you special direct entry within our flexible development program!

What does E.G.O. MOVE stand for?

M – as in more added value

From day one, you will actively participate in projects and tasks. In parallel, we offer you an individual qualification program, the objective of which is to develop your professional and personal skills.

O – as in orientation

You will be assigned to different divisions of the company and will establish cross–divisional networks. This way, you will get to know E.G.O. from different perspectives and learn where you can best develop your strengths and abilities.

V - as in responsibility

You are integrated into a team from the very beginning, play an essential role, and are challenged accordingly. You make an active contribution to the solution of tasks and the success of the project. You have creative freedom and immediately take responsibility for your actions.

E – as in development

During the program, you will learn about your strengths and develop a clear professional focus. Your mentor from the executive level or the management board and the HR development department's intensive support will also help you in this process.



Your entry to E.G.O. MOVE will be tailored to your individual needs: your strengths, goals, and of course your area of expertise. The choice of the main area at the beginning is the most important step. You can work with us in marketing/sales, in commercial divisions such as controlling/financial accounting, and in production.
Getting into technology.

Within your chosen focus area you will get to know three stations intensively and gain valuable experience on an international level during a stay abroad. You can also take advantage of customized staff development measures. This means that you will acquire cross-departmental and cross-company qualifications to advance professionally, methodically, and personally. These include language courses, training in presentation techniques, or workshops for developing entrepreneurial thinking.

Your profile
  • Master's degree in a subject relevant to us with an above-average GPA (grade point average).

  • International experience.

  • Volunteer experience.

  • Outgoing personality with the will to contribute to the company and make a difference.

  • Potential for assuming a responsible position after the completion of the MOVE program.



Start dates

E.G.O. MOVE is highly flexible and is completely geared to your needs. In clear text: You can join the program whenever you want. In the beginning, we define your first station. We decide about your next assignments only in the course of this station. At the end of the program, you can switch to the job you liked best, depending on what is offered. E.G.O. MOVE offers more. We plan long-term with you, and you will receive an attractive entry package.


We look forward to hearing from you! 


E.G.O. MOVE - Phlipp Reitz shares his story.

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