Social Responsibility We take responsibility – for people, the environment, and society.

As an international and successful high-tech company, we have a strong commitment to sustainability. This means: Our innovative and high-quality products and services must be in harmony with people's interests, nature, the environment, and society. Because it is only by maintaining comprehensive sustainability management today that we can remain one of the world's leading suppliers to the household appliance industry tomorrow.

1. Sustainable work ensures success

Our employees are the foundation of our success. That's why we create the necessary conditions to enable them to make the best possible use of their work capacity - always with a focus on their health. Our success as an employer is evidenced by numerous regional, national, and international awards, but even more so by low staff turnover and the long-standing loyalty of our employees.

2. Sustainable management secures the future

Modern growth is sustainable: To secure the jobs at the E.G.O.-Group's sites, we are continuously working to ensure that we will still be optimally positioned in the future. This means we are continuously analyzing processes, increasing flexibility, and further reducing production costs. We not only focus on environmentally friendly products and processes but especially on the responsible management of resources. Careful planning enables us to identify future market developments at an early stage and control our production network activities in a targeted manner. This gives us a competitive advantage that will secure our future.

3. Sustainable production protects the environment

Responsible management combines environmental protection with many other advantages. In addition to meeting social and legal requirements by complying with strict mandates, sensible resource management also reduces costs in the long term. This has economic advantages and means that overall less raw materials are used, or that secondary raw materials are used. For us, responsible management also means using energy efficiently and making greater use of renewable sources of energy. In addition to environmentally friendly materials, production techniques and processes, durable products manufactured in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner also contribute to a responsible approach to nature.

4. Sustainable management helps us all

Acting sustainably also means assuming social responsibility. We always make sure that financial, human, and organizational resources are used well and in a goal-oriented manner - even beyond our own company. E.G.O. operates primarily in the regional environment of its sites. E.G.O. societies worldwide support local associations and institutions as well as local projects. Many of our employees also take on responsibilities in their free time and volunteer for the common good.

Regional collaborationBiogas plant in cooperation with the Meerwarth farm.

The E.G.O.-Group and the agricultural company Meerwarth GbR are continuing their cooperation in which valuable biogas is produced from plant residues and manure of 240 dairy cows. It's used at the E.G.O. sites in Germany for climate-neutral heating.

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One tree per employee – worldwide E.G.O. tree planting campaign.

To reinforce the E.G.O. corporate strategy – symbolically represented by a tree – E.G.O. has launched a worldwide tree planting campaign. A total of 5,600 tree seedlings will be planted at the 20 production and sales locations – one for each employee, the types of which may vary according to region and country.

This is a good thing on two counts: The campaign links the strategy more closely with each employee, and it also helps E.G.O. – as one of many measures – minimize the company’s carbon footprint. In the meantime, employees have planted trees at several international sites, thereby contributing to greater sustainability.

Making a start in the Oberderdinger Forest

Pick up the shovels for the worldwide tree planting campaign of the E.G.O.-Group! “I am very pleased that we are taking action and can symbolically give the starting signal,” says Dirk Schallock, Chairman of the Management Board of the E.G.O. Group. In December 2020, together with Thomas Kohlbauer, Managing Director of Production and Technology of the E.G.O.-Group, the mayor of the municipality of Oberderdingen, Thomas Nowitzki, and the responsible forest ranger, he distributed the first seedlings of the tree planting campaign in the Oberderdinger Forest.

Trees around the world – the next E.G.O. site picks up spades

After the official kick-off by the E.G.O. management board in Oberderdingen, the next site follows: Together with the employees, the management board of E.G.O. Elektrikli Aletler Sanayi A.Ş. (E.G.O. Turkey) planted 730 seedlings. And that's a good thing overall, not just for minimizing the carbon footprint! At the same time, the company-wide initiative makes the E.G.O. strategy tangible and connects it with every employee.

Additional E.G.O. Forests are created – and spark a drive for action

Employees of E.G.O. Polska Sp. z.o.o. (E.G.O. Poland) were also busy: In their first campaign, they planted 278 maple trees – one for each employee. Another planting campaign is scheduled to start in the autumn, when hopefully more people will be able to participate. A nice side effect: Some employees also want to participate privately in the reforestation of Polish forests in the future.

Poplars, elms, and more for the Mongolian desert

At E.G.O. Components (China) Co., Ltd. (E.G.O. China), 2,000 seedlings found their way into inner Mongolia – mainly poplars, elms, and Mongolian pine. These species are particularly effective in stopping desertification and protecting against sandstorms.

All signs point to GREEN – including the E.G.O. site in Austria

Preserving and improving the environment for future generations is an important part of the E.G.O. corporate strategy. And it's a matter of honor for the colleagues of E.G.O. Austria Elektrogeräte Ges.m.b.H. (E.G.O. Austria) to work together with visible excitement and great enthusiasm: At the tree planting campaign in Heinfels, Austria, 500 spruce trees and larch trees were planted in the ground in June 2021.

E.G.O. forest continues to grow - this time in Central Mexico

E.G.O. Componentes Electrónicos, S.A. de C.V. (E.G.O. Mexico) participated in a reforestation action of the collective Reforestemos QRO. At the Ameyal Amealco ranch near Querétaro 750 volunteers, including numerous E.G.O. employees, planted 1,177 new trees on an area of about 3.5 hectares. The area was particularly affected by forest fires.

New forest inhabitants in Slovenia

The E.G.O. forest is growing steadily, across national borders and with added value for people and the environment! Recent "offspring": 830 beech trees at the E.G.O. site in Slovenia. In the area around Cerkno, about 30 employees picked up the spades and planted the tree seedlings lately. Thus, ETA Tovarna d.o.o., Cerkno sets a lasting symbol for sustainability at the company site.

We provide support on-site – locally and internationally.

The E.G.O. companies support many different projects and institutions in the vicinity of their sites around the world. By promoting art, culture, sports, tolerance, and dialog, we strengthen social cohesion and improve the way people live together.

Mountain bike trials: A high-precision sport

German champion, overall World Cup winner, European champion, (junior) World champion: Despite their young age, their list of achievements is long. Since 2018, E.G.O. has been supporting the mountain bike trial athletes Nina Reichenbach, Jonas Friedrich, and Oliver Widmann, who are from the Oberderdingen area.

Art on site: KulturDreieck e.V.

Since 2018, E.G.O. has been supporting the Oberderdinger Verein KulturDreieck e.V., which organizes the "ArtInside" Culture Days and offers art workshops at E.G.O. events and in the children's vacation program.

Social responsibility: Working with people

All E.G.O. industrial-technical and business apprentices complete a one-week internship in a residential care facility in their first year of their vocational education. This gives young people insight into different segments of society. At the end of their internship they may make a donation for urgently needed items.

Help for families: A visit from Santa Claus

Every year Polish families in particularly difficult situations receive individual Christmas gifts. Tomasz Kołakowski, an employee of E.G.O. Poland, is actively involved in the project and spends an entire weekend delivering packages.

Sustainability within the corporate familyBLANC & FISCHER Family Holding publishes fourth sustainability report

Sustainability is an essential part of the corporate goals and strategy of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and its subgroups. The sustainability report shows how the corporate family implements the topic.

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