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Our company buildings at the Oberderdingen site use waste heat from the neighboring biomass power plant of Meerwarth GbR, an agricultural company, for climate-neutral heating. A long-standing cooperation that shows how a holistic concept can be used to act in an economically sensible and ecologically exemplary manner. We are proud of that!

From manure to energy – part 1

heating oil saved


thousand liters

CO₂ saved



electr. power generated


kilowatt (kW)

thermal output generated


megawatt hours (MWh)

From manure to energy – part 2

A supplier of household appliances and a farm – how does that fit together?

On the Meerwarth farm, an agricultural company in Oberderdingen with about 240 dairy cows, plenty of manure and slurry is produced each and every day. A waste product with added value! In the Meerwarth farm's own biomass power plant, the biological waste is converted into valuable biogas. And that brings benefits for the farm, the E.G.O-Group, and the environment.

Since 2011, E.G.O. has been using the local heat from the neighboring biomass power plant to heat the verteX administration building (formerly ETZ, Development and Technology Center). Gradually, other buildings of the production site were added. With the last expansion, the construction of a second combined heat and power plant in the middle of the production site in 2020, another milestone was reached: E.G.O. now covers its entire heating requirements and most of its electricity needs in Oberderdingen with 100 percent renewably generated energy. In 2020, the two plants helped save nearly 300,000 liters of heating oil and 776 tons of CO₂.

But not only the E.G.O. site in Germany benefits. Meerwarth GbR is also glad to have a reliable customer and partner.

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