EGO Appliance Heating Elements Hotplate Technology

Available on the market for more than 80 years and with well over 600 million units sold, EGO Hotplates are long-running favorites in the company's product portfolio. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure the quality and durability of EGO hotplates – in commercial kitchens and in the home.

A perennial favorite: Hotplates by E.G.O.

Whether round, square, or rectangular, EGO Hotplates always meet optimum values for heat transfer and heat distribution. Why? The key is a special insulating compound, which is made from a secret recipe. Heat resistors are embedded in this compound which is then poured into the casting.



  • Cost-effective, proven alternative to other heating technologies

  • Easy assembly

  • Perfectly matched components for a complete system including a circuit breaker and controls

  • EGO Hotplate technology with six heat levels

  • Robust design and long service life

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