EGO Appliance Control Elements Thermostats

EGO Thermostats are designed for maximum flexibility: Whether in the household or medical field, in heating technology or industrial plants - thermostats and safety temperature limiters from E.G.O. control the temperature reliably and accurately.
They can be customized in many parameters and are truly all-round performers for all applications.

Maximum flexibility meets precision: EGO Thermostats.

EGO Thermostats have a very simple structure but require precision work to calibrate the membrane.
The thermostat temperature sensor consists of four components: The thermostat temperature sensor consists of four components: sensor, capillary tube, membrane, and filling medium. When the sensor is heated, the filling medium heats up, expands and increases the pressure in the closed-circuit system. This increase in pressure actuates a snap-action switch which opens the contacts in the electrical circuit. 
EGO Thermostats and Safety Temperature Limiters are available in single-pole and multi-pole versions. We design and create individual solutions according to customer-specific requirements. 



  • Individually configurable to customer needs and requirements

  • Proven product

  • Flexible use

  • Modular principle 

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