Gx – the next generation of high-performance induction platforms Adaptable as nature.

Induction cooking is fast, safe, and efficient. It also saves energy – a feature that is in high demand among end consumers at a time when climate change is a major topic of discussion in society.

The new induction platform Gx of E.G.O. scores with its adaptable, resilient, and connective properties. It readily adapts to your wishes. Choose the number, type, and arrangement of the cooking zones as well as your individual user interface.

EGO Gx – inspired by nature.

The future of smart induction technology: The new EGO Gx.

The new EGO Gx, which is positioned in the high-end segment, is connective, resilient and offers a lot of flexibility. The high-performance induction platform gives the opportunity to create customized variants with the flexibility of various user interfaces. Coils can be arranged in variable positions, and the platform is connectable, e.g., it can be set up with a downdraft ventilation control system.

In addition, different connective solutions can be realized. BLE (e.g. hob hood and extended control use cases) can be realized and adapted to customer wishes. With respect to the future, the induction will be ready for upcoming Wi-Fi use cases.

The ability to integrate so-called “cooking support functions+” is user-oriented. Using an innovative algorithm measuring method, EGO induction hobs can measure the electrical properties of the pot and thus regulate the temperature. This allows cooking processes to take place automatically and at the optimal settings. Depending on the desired cooking process, the hob regulates the temperature without further user input. In addition, this procedure does not require any sensors in the pot or pan.

Communication based on the EGO Bus improves the exchange of information between Touch Control and other connectable application parts, which enable higher data exchange.


  • Connective

  • Solid and resilient

  • Flexible and adaptable

Matching user interfaces at a glance

EGO LiteSlider SK TC (SmartKii Technology)

Touch control for up to five cooking zones, with direct selection of illuminated keys and clear identification of cooking zone displays to cooking zone, due to shifted assembly.

EGO D1 (TFT display)

Unique new cooking experience based on a full color touch display which enables most intuitive handling. Display can be positioned individually. Also for downdraft set ups available.

EGO K6 (Knob control)

Combination of electronical display and traditional mechanical knob control with a separate knob per cooking zone. Clear identification of cooking zone displays to corresponding cooking zone due to shifted assembly.

EGO K8 (Knob control)

High degree of individualization due to combination of a traditional mechanical knob control with a variety of EGO User Interfaces and customer specific knobs / knob caps.

EGO VArio TC (SmartKii Technology)

Flexible touch control with master and slave concept, separate slider per cooking zone and three different master designs. Multiple options in light and design like dynamic and multicolor slider.

EGO Slim SK TC (SmartKii Technology)

Slim touch control to fit upfront octa coils, for up to six cooking zones, with direct selection of illuminated keys and timer display with three digits.

EGO SK2 TC (SmartKii Technology)

Slim touch control to fit upfront octa coils, for up to six cooking zones, with direct selection of illuminated keys and timer display with three digits.

The new way of cooking – with supporting functions from E.G.O.

Cooking should be easy and convenient for the user. That's why E.G.O. has developed the cooking support functions+ for the next generation of induction platforms. The result: better cooking results with fewer additional kitchen appliances, less work in the kitchen overall, and more time for other things!




Frying function Controlled roasting

The frying function heats pans to the optimum temperature and maintains it at that level. Depending on the food, different temperatures can be selected, from light frying (e.g., breaded food) to searing at high heat (e.g., steak). Thanks to the automatic temperature control, nothing burns.

Temperature maintaining function Cruise control for the hob

The temperature maintaining function is like cruise control for the hob. When the hob has reached the desired condition, the temperature maintaining function is activated. Pancakes, for example, are always perfectly golden-brown.

Pasta function Pasta al dente

The pasta function heats water until it boils. It then keeps the temperature constant and informs when the pasta should go into the water. While it is boiling, this function prevents the water from boiling over. At the same time, it indicates how long the pasta has been boiling. The pasta function is flexible for different kind of pasta.

Water boiling function Electric tea kettle? Superfluous!

The water boiling function makes the electric tea kettle superfluous. This function brings water to the boiling point. As soon as the water boils, it signals, and the power switches off. Which saves energy.

Steam function Gentle steaming

The steam function brings water to a boil and automatically regulates the optimum steam quantity. The hob signals when the water in the pot has completely boiled away and switches off the power.

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