EGO Appliance Heating Elements Induction Technology

Flavor, speed, and variety are what counts when food is prepared. While we are not responsible for the flavor, our EGO Induction Technology adapts to each users' individual needs to help them cook quickly.
With our wide range of products, we meet the needs of all market segments: from entry-level to the high-end to the professional, for household, restaurant, and commercial kitchens.

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Fast cutting-edge technology: Induction heating by E.G.O.

Modern kitchens are increasingly becoming the center of family life, and preparing meals together plays an important role. EGO Appliance Heating Assemblies with induction technology support this by providing a cooking experience that is comfortable and easy to use, while also fast and energy-efficient. 

The technology is relatively simple with three main components: The generator and the coil generate a magnetic field. When a pan with an iron base is placed on the cooking zone, this magnetic field penetrates the pan and creates heat. The heat from the pan is transferred directly to the contents. 

The EGO Induction Technology product range covers all market segments with various platforms - including individual, customized solutions.


  • Unique product portfolio covering all segments 

  • Highest energy efficiency

  • Solutions for household, professional, and semi-professional

  • Diverse and flexible cooking zone designs

  • Suitable control systems for the various needs

Product variants at a glance

Induction for the Household Sector (EGO Basic 2)

Induction for the Household Sector (EGO G5)

Induction for the Household Sector (EGO Matrix)

Induction for the Professional Sector (EGO Atics/Snap-in)

Induction for the Professional Sector (EGO Quad+)

Supplier Platform Delivers what our suppliers need.

Product Overview Our product variety at a glance.