EGO Appliance Heating Elements Tubular Heating Element Technology

Baking ovens, grills, warming surfaces, deep fryers, and numerous other applications use EGO Tubular Heating Element technology.  

The Tubular Heating Element is highly versatile since it can be manufactured in almost any shape and size. 

EGO Tubular Heating Elements: Flexibility and quality for everyone.

Although our EGO Tubular Heating Elements are used in many different shapes and sizes, they all have the same characteristics: They are reliable, robust, and durable, which makes them very versatile.

EGO Tubular Heating Elements are electrical resistance heaters with tubes that are made of steel or stainless steel. The metallic tubes contain electrically insulated heating coils embedded in highly compressed magnesium oxide. The optimized, well-designed construction and the high compression of the embedding material form the basis for the excellent mechanical and thermal properties of EGO Tubular Heating Elements.



  • Cost-effective, proven and robust technology

  • Versatile applications in various shapes and sizes

  • Customized design, performance parameters and connections

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