EGO Appliance Heating Elements Thick Film Technology

EGO Thick Film technology is one of the most innovative and forward-looking solutions in the heating technology field for household appliances. A lean solution with high energy efficiency and targeted, homogeneous heat distribution.

Lean cutting-edge technology: The Thick Film Heating System by E.G.O.

EGO Appliance Heating Elements using Thick Film technology are incredibly versatile and are used in in a range of applications within the household appliance industry.

Thick Film Heating Elements are produced by applying a special paste system to a suitable substrate and then firing them. This process, known as sintering, imparts the desired physical properties to the paste systems, such as a specific power.

Different substrate materials are used depending on the application. EGO Thick Film heating elements printed on metal are ideal for energy-efficient heating of liquids, as high electrical outputs are available in compact installation dimensions. 

Many products are individually designed solutions, which we tailor to customer-specific requirements. During development and implementation, we work with a strong focus on detail and in close cooperation with our customers.



  • Temperature sensor system with the capability to integrate into other systems

  • Highly efficient, high thermal power density

  • Fast reaction times due to the low thermal mass

  • Homogeneous and targeted heat distribution

  • Minimal space required for installation

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