EGO Appliance Heating Elements Radiant Heating Element Technology

EGO Radiant Heating Elements, combined with glass-ceramic surfaces, have proven their worth hundreds of millions of times over. 

This is an innovation that we have been developing for over 30 years - with our experience and know-how.

Market Leader: Radiant heating elements by E.G.O.

Whether in the household or commercial kitchens, EGO Radiant Heating Elements maintain a consistent, steady level of heat at all times - even at very low temperatures.

Under the glass-ceramic surface, an electrical current generates heat in the heating conductor strip. The heat is maintained at the set temperature by a control system. The resulting radiating heat is passed on to the cookware through the glass-ceramic surface. 

Proven millions of times over, EGO Radiant Heating Elements guarantee quick and easy food preparation. They are perfectly matched to the corresponding components and operating elements from E.G.O., offer many functions as a complete system, and deliver reliable performance. 


  • Numerous models that vary in shape and performance according to requirements

  • Perfectly matched components for a complete system 

  • Control of the radiant heating elements via 7-position switch, energy regulator, or electronic control element by E.G.O.

  • Stepless or customer-specific settings 

  • Automatic cooking, pot detection, automatic timer, cooking zone extension and many other applications can be integrated

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