EGO Appliance Control Elements User Interfaces

EGO User Interfaces are just as diverse as our customers' needs. Although they differ in design, functionality, and material, they fulfill the same task: To offer the user a thoroughly thought-out product experience.
EGO User Interfaces control the processes of many different applications and set standards in safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Design meets functionality: EGO User Interfaces

EGO User Interfaces are based on different technologies: Touch controls on glass, behind plastic or metal, LEDs, segment displays, or TFT. Because we are constantly developing them further, and we are happy to tailor them to customer requirements, the possibilities are incredibly diverse and are continuously increasing. The comprehensive product portfolio of EGO User Interfaces covers needs from the entry-level segment to high-end products. They are always user-friendly and efficient to use.



  • User interfaces for different market segments 

  • Compatible with all EGO Main Control Boards

  • Fully flexible user interfaces

  • In-house printing equipment for printing on plastic sheets as part of the manufacturing process

  • Different designs, colors, and functionalities

  • Energy-optimized design of the overall system

  • Highly automated and flexible worldwide production sites

Product variants at a glance

Controllers for refrigerators (EGO BT6)

Controllers for radiant heating element hobs (EGO Lite Slider Smart Kii)

Controllers for induction hobs (EGO Lumio TC)

Controllers for washing machines and dryers (EGO TFT Laundry User Interface)

Controllers for radiant heating element hobs (EGO Simple TC)

Control Panel for hobs (EGO Flex TC)

Control Panel for gas and induction hobs (EGO Lisa TC)

Control Panel for gas and induction hobs (EGO MultiLite TC)

Slider Controllers for induction hobs (EGO VArio TC)

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