EGO Appliance Controls Switches

EGO Switches combine the highest quality with precision control. For use in hobs or baking ovens, we offer switches with six heat levels or selector switches with up to twelve switching positions.
And of course, we also manufacture our switch units individually tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Everything under control: EGO Switches.

The heat required for different cooking processes varies with the type of food. That's why our EGO Switches can provide up to six different heating levels. Of course, we adapt our switches precisely to the requirements of our customers and their appliances.
Just as individually configurable are the EGO Selector Switches, which control functions in the baking oven such as top heat, bottom heat, or air circulation. We offer up to twelve switching positions for this product, but we are also happy to design customized versions that are directly adapted to a specific device.



  • Large selection

  • Customer-specific solutions

  • Long service life

  • Great depth of production

    Switches for hobs:

  • Six heat levels

  • Direction of rotation is selectable

  • With or without signal track

  • Screw terminal or flat plug

    Selector switch:

  • Up to twelve switching positions

  • Can be combined with EGO Thermostats or Rotary Switches

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