EGO Appliance Control Elements Main Control Boards

The intelligent main control boards by E.G.O. are the core components that control all actuators and sensors in an appliance. But that's not the only reason our main control board technology is highly flexible; we also adapt it to different requirements. This enables us to meet the needs of all market segments.

Put your commands into action: EGO Main Control Boards.

Our EGO Main Control Boards are designed for and work flawlessly with all available EGO User Interfaces and engine controls by E.G.O. They are used in washing machines, baking ovens, refrigerators, and many other appliances. They also feature integrated connectivity and can be customized.



  • Simple customer-specific main control board adaptation

  • The option of an integrated user interface or inverter

  • Control of all actuators and sensors in one device

  • Integrated connectivity (BTLE)

  • 110 V and 230 V variants

Product variants at a glance

Controllers for Refrigerators (EGO Segment Refrigerator Control)

Controllers for Washing Machines (EGO G5 Laundry Mainboard)

Controllers for Dishwashers (EGO Dishwashing Main Control Board Platform)

Supplier Platform Delivers what our suppliers need.

Product Overview Our product variety at a glance.