EGO Appliance Controls Gas Controls

With EGO gas control units, you have all the functions of gas appliances at your fingertips: Igniters, reigniters, user interfaces, electronic burner controls (E-Gas) for cooking surfaces and ovens. We offer a multi-level, customizable platform to satisfy different market needs.

Achieving perfect results: EGO Gas Controls.

The most precise flame control ever: perfect repeatability of recipes through optimum control of the gas flow. For the best user experience, we offer customizable user interfaces for gas cooking surfaces and ovens. Maximum safety is ensured by intelligent electronic sensors.



Different solutions can be combined: 

  • Igniter
  • Re-Igniter
  • Gas Controls for gas ovens and cooking surfaces
  • Traditional or electronic user interfaces
  • Connectivity: Implementation of a connectivity module
  • Very high working temperature (up to 105°C) 

Supplier Platform Delivers what our suppliers need.

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