EGO Appliance Controls Energy Regulators

Our voltage-controlled EGO Energy Regulators switch heating elements with unsurpassed high repeatability. We offer a wide range of products with one to three heating circuits, different voltage variants, and possible designs for self-contained hobs or free-standing appliances.

Precise control: EGO Energy Regulators.

EGO Energy Regulators control temperature by switching the current on or off for shorter or longer intervals. At the highest level, power is continuously supplied. The energy regulators are installed directly behind the control knob. When switched on, a bimetallic strip heats up, changes its shape, and triggers the corresponding contacts. The control knob position determines the distance between the bimetal strip and the controller contact, which allows the current to flow at a correspondingly high rate.

Thanks to our pronounced vertical range of manufacture, we can guarantee exceptional and consistent quality. In addition, our customers have the unique opportunity to use our energy regulators and heating elements in a system whose components are perfectly matched. 


  • Precise energy control

  • Long service life

  • High quality

  • Can be combined with EGO Heating Elements 

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