EGO Appliance Control Elements Code Switches

EGO Code Switches offer simple operation for controlling the cooking zone output, the functions on electric and gas ovens, as well as for dryers and washing machines.
They can be connected easily with other EGO Control Units to combine electronic functions in the electromechanical components. 

Fusion of mechanical and electronic Features: EGO Code Switches.

The EGO Code Switch is a resistance element that changes its resistance by turning the code switch's spindle. The electrical resistance is changed via a movable closing contact, which generates a precise signal. 
EGO Code Switches are perfectly matched to and function seamlessly with EGO Appliance Heaters with induction technology. The EGO Control Units are VDE tested and certified according to EN60730 and EN60335.



  • Customized colors and flexible detent positions available

  • Master/Slave configuration possible

  • Illumination of the rotary knobs possible

  • Capacitive touch key in the rotary knob for additional functions: Push/turn feature, booster function, single/dual-circuit switching, program selection, and start button in one knob

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