EGO Actuators Motor Heating Pumps

Precisely matched components guarantee efficiency and performance. But that's not the only thing that makes the EGO Motor Heating Pump for dishwashers stand out.
The best possible performance is also ensured by a simple change of the motor speed thanks to the flexible adjustment of water pressure and flow rate. Our customers, their customers, and the environment benefit equally from this perfectly coordinated system.

Power for washing: EGO Motor Heating Pump.

The EGO Motor Heating Pump consists of three components: the motor, the heating element, and the hydraulic system. 
We have combined the fast and powerful EGO Appliance Heating with Thick Film technology with the latest generation of highly efficient brushless motors. The EGO Thick Film Heating System has little mass, but a high thermal power density. Combined with special temperature sensors, this enables efficient control of the water temperature. 
An additional sensor layer allows the temperature developments on the immediate surface of the EGO Thick Film Heating System to be monitored. For example, the EGO Motor Heating Pump can automatically detect limescale deposits through so-called "hot spots" and notify the user or initiate automatic descaling.



  • Lower energy and water consumption

  • Improved safety level through continuous monitoring of the operating condition of the facilities.

  • Precise temperature control (+/- 1 percent accuracy)

  • Fast temperature change (< 1 sec)

  • Minimal space required for installation

  • Faster washing process

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