EGO Actuators Motor Controls

Modern household appliances need a variety of drives for their components. The EGO Motor Controller offers specific solutions for all applications in a single unit!

The drive for the device: EGO Motor Controls.

From simple circuits to complex inverters for BLDC motors, EGO Motor Controls offer specific solutions for all applications - from dishwasher pumps and washing machines in private use to large, commercial laundry equipment and inverters from 70 W to 40 kW. The drives are very rugged, virtually noiseless, and extremely efficient, which contributes to the high energy efficiency rating.



Fast market launch thanks to modular EGO Drive software:

  • Easy adaptation to any brushless motor available on the market 
  • Additional information through virtual sensors: absolute unbalance, diagonal unbalance, and weight sensor
  • Sensorless inverters
  • 110 V and 230 V variants
  • High efficiency
  • Extremely durable 
  • Silent

Product variants at a glance

Inverters for Washing Machines (EGO Phoenix 9 110 V)

Inverters for Washing Machines (EGO Phoenix 8R Inverter)

Inverters for Dishwashers (EGO DW Inverter Platform)

Supplier Platform Delivers what our suppliers need.

Product Overview Our product variety at a glance.