News Project "Machine Data Interface"

Untapped potential in older production plants – the “Machine Data Interface (MDI)” project increases productivity in Italy.

The digitalization of our world and companies is advancing – and it doesn't stop for the older machines in E.G.O.'s production facilities. These are by themselves unable to network, record data, or pass it on and evaluate it. The answer could be obvious. Simply discard these machines.

The employees of the Italian E.G.O. Subsidiary E.G.O. Italia Srl in Camerano, together with the BLANC & FISCHER Corporate Services colleagues from Corporate Lean Enterprise, Corporate Facility Management, and IT Services, have developed a cost-effective in-house solution to solve precisely this problem: Machine Data Interface (MDI).

The introduction of the digital MDI solution, i.e., of interfaces to nine machines in Camerano so far, made them “connectable.” So now you can send and exchange data. The standardized transfer to a defined data format means that they can also be evaluated along with the newer machines and read out from SAP. This means that all machines' availability, utilization, and capabilities are transparent and can be significantly improved using targeted measures.

In Camerano, a productivity increase of up to 40 percent was achieved. Downtimes in the older machines are immediately visible, and the entire production process can be better controlled. This internally developed interface solution is scalable and cost-effective. There are no licensing costs, as would have been the case with an external software solution or even a new machine purchase. The solution can also be visualized online and in real time. The entire team can be proud to have taken another important step towards digitalization.


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