News Commitment for a good cause

E.G.O. Appliance Controls, S.L.U. (EAC) is supporting an eReuse program with the Fundació Trinijove Foundation. The objective is to reprocess and reuse old and defective IT devices.

EAC attaches great importance to social commitment and the commitment to sustainability and works with Fundació Trinijove. The Foundation supports creating jobs for young people who are at high risk of social exclusion.

Together, the Foundation and EAC are supporting a project in connection with the eReuse program, which involves various Spanish organizations. The objective is to reuse or recycle old and defective IT devices as much as possible. Used equipment is collected, processed, and distributed to people who cannot afford new equipment. With this project, EAC is promoting the circular economy and thus environmental protection and is also reducing electronic waste. In addition, the company is involved in an excellent social campaign and repurposes old devices. EAC has already been able to provide Fundació Trinijove with a total of 34 laptops (of which 30 are fully functional), twelve stationary computers, and four monitors. In the case of defective devices, the components that are still functional are used as spare parts.

The original idea was to share computers, tablets, screens, and cables from EAC’s devices for reuse. But then the company decided to extend this initiative to the private sphere as well. A container was set up for this purpose in which employees could put their unused devices or other IT material. This proposal was well received by the employees, the participation was great, and the campaign was a complete success.


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