News First E.G.O. Planet Award presented

ETA d.o.o. Cerkno (ETA Cerkno) received the first E.G.O. Planet Award for outstanding commitment to sustainability and environmental protection in the foundry production area. In addition to Slovenia, the teams from Spain and Austria made it to the final.

The first E.G.O. Planet Award was conferred at the International Operations Meeting (IOM) in Bologna, Italy on May 10, 2022. A large number of applications had been received in advance, from which three finalists were selected. These finally presented their projects with vivid videos and entertaining presentations at the IOM. The passion with which the teams stand behind their projects was clearly noticeable. Afterwards, the IOM participants were spoilt for choice: they could vote for a winner from the three finalists.

The tension was palpable when Thomas Kohlbauer, Chief Operating Officer of the E.G.O.-Group, announced the results of the vote. With over half of the votes, ETA achieved a clear victory. The measures implemented at the site in Cerkno impressively show that even in production areas which have been in operation for decades, such as the foundry, it is possible to rethink in favor of the environment as well as energy and resource consumption.

Second place went to E.G.O. Austria Ges.m.b.H. (E.G.O. Austria). In third place was E.G.O. Appliance Controls S.L.U. (E.G.O. Spain). Winners or not, one thing is for sure: with their projects, all participating sites have made an important contribution to the protection of our planet – and thus to our future.

Thank you for this enormous commitment, #teamego!

Application video E.G.O. Planet Award: ETA Cerkno.
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