News DEFENDI is now also called E.G.O. in Brazil

With the renaming of the Brazilian site, the integration of DEFENDI into the E.G.O.-Group (E.G.O.) is formally completed.

Almost a year ago, the former DEFENDI-Group (DEFENDI) became part of the E.G.O. family. The integration of the company is now officially and legally complete: Since October 2021, the Brazilian site Defendi do Brasil Ltda in Itatiba has been listed in the commercial register as E.G.O. do Brasil Ltda. The site in Camerano, Italy, has been called E.G.O. Italia Srl since January.

The employees of the Italian E.G.O. Subsidiary E.G.O. Italia Srl in Camerano, together with the BLANC & FISCHER Corporate Services colleagues from Corporate Lean Enterprise, Corporate Facility Management, and IT Services, have developed a cost-effective in-house solution to solve precisely this problem: Machine Data Interface (MDI). 

The fact that DEFENDI and E.G.O. are a great match in terms of products and applications has been demonstrated in their work together to date. For customers, the integration has increased the product range even more: Now you can obtain gas burners and controls and combinations of gas and electronic control elements (e-gas) from E.G.O. In the future, the Business Unit Gas will develop innovative products in the e-gas division. “We welcomed our colleagues from Itatiba into the big E.G.O. family months ago,” says Dirk Schallock, Chairman of the Management Board of the E.G.O.- Group. “Now they’re officially part of it. So once again with great pleasure: Calorosamente bem-vindo!”


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