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Family Holding is restructuring the management

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Dr. Karlheinz Hörsting is replacing Dirk Schallock as CEO of the E.G.O.-Group  – Frank Gfrörer, as CEO of the BLANCO-Group, is also becoming part of the management of the Family Holding.

Oberderdingen – BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding is restructuring the management of the group and the largest subgroup E.G.O.: Effective August 1, the former Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding, Dr. Karlheinz Hörsting, will become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of E.G.O., the largest subgroup. He is replacing Dirk Schallock, who is leaving the company by mutual agreement after four years. "During his time at the top of E.G.O., Mr. Schallock has achieved a great deal, significantly increasing sales and aligning the subgroup very well to the needs of the markets by setting up business units. On behalf of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding and our shareholders, I would like to thank him for his very dedicated work and wish him good luck and success in his future career," said Bernd Eckl, CEO of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding.

Subgroups are seeing their importance rise

In his new role at E.G.O., Dr. Hörsting will also remain part of the group's management. At the same time, the CEO of the BLANCO Group, Frank Gfrörer, is also moving up to the management of the Family Holding, which will consist of the CEO of Blanc & Fischer Family Holding Bernd Eckl, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Benno Rudolf, as well as Dr. Karlheinz Hörsting and Frank Gfrörer. This also upgrades the two largest subgroups in line with their importance.

Dr. Hörsting, as CEO, will continue to be supported in the management of E.G.O. by Chief Operating Officer (COO) Thomas Kohlbauer, who is responsible for the Production and Supply Chain divisions. In addition to CEO Frank Gfrörer, the CFO Rüdiger Böhle and COO Andreas Ostermann von Roth remain at the top of BLANCO.

Respond quickly and consistently to challenges

"We expect this new management structure to bring the individual subgroups of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding closer together, enabling us to exploit opportunities even better in the future than in the past and to advance common themes and projects more quickly and even more consistently," CEO Eckl commented on the changes. "We live in extremely turbulent times. As a result of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we are currently dealing with a degree of uncertainty and very rapid, far-reaching changes in the economic environment that were unimaginable in previous decades. We therefore need to position our group in such a way that we can respond to such challenges as agilely and consistently as possible." This requires intensive coordination between the subgroups of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding. With the new management structure, BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding is creating the conditions for this.


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