News 3D printing opens up new possibilities

Functional prototypes, samples, or machine parts for use in production – all of this can be produced with the 3D printer.

Today, sophisticated software is used to develop products. It also helps to identify and eliminate errors and problems at an early stage. Nevertheless, software does not replace the physical implementation of the products. The Production Technology Center 1 (PTC 1) team at E.G.O. Elektro-Gerätebau GmbH recognized this.

As a developer, you want to be able to grip and feel the parts. If a functional test is possible, initial feedback on the product design can even be obtained quickly. 3D printing is an ideal solution for this. It can be used to quickly create models and even different versions of them and then compare them. And this is just one application example that shows the possibilities of 3D printing. For this reason, the PTC 1 team also decided to procure and use a 3D printer at the Oberderdingen site.

The printer, which has been in use since December 2020, gives the PTC 1 team many options. For example, it can produce machine parts for production, including workpiece holders or retaining fixtures for sensors. Thanks to 3D printing, a completely different component geometry can be achieved here than with conventionally machined parts. This means that the printer creates a technical benefit and a time advantage while saving costs.

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