EGO Smart Heater.

EGO Smart Heater.

The EGO Smart Heater is a fully automated insert heating element that stores excess photovoltaic energy as hot water. What makes this EGO system “smart” is the incorporation of intelligent electronics. As well as being easy to install, the insert heating element is also environmentally friendly as it optimizes self-generated electricity supplies for users’ own consumption.

The EGO Smart Heater can be combined with a photovoltaic installation, an energy management system or other external control devices. External controls supply the EGO Smart Heater with information on the power level that is currently available, and the Smart Heater then adjusts its output accordingly in increments of 500 W, up to a maximum of 3,500 W. This is made possible by three separate heating circuits with different capacities, and allows the EGO Smart Heater to use any electricity that has not been consumed on site.

The EGO Smart Heater is designed to be installed in a hot water storage tank. It links to external controls via a data line, and connects to the home network via an ordinary power socket. This allows the energy from a photovoltaic installation to be put to good use.

How it works

The EGO Smart Heater is installed in the hot water storage tank, replacing any existing insert heating element as this would no longer be needed as an auxiliary heater. The EGO Smart Heater links to external controls via a data line, and connects to the home network via an ordinary power socket.

For a complete system, controls such as the SolarLogTM from Solare Datensysteme GmbH or the Energy Manager from B-control can be used. If an energy management system or controls with an RS485 interface are already available, the EGO Smart Heater can be connected very easily using the standardized Modbus RTU protocol.

Benefits to the customer

  • An affordable entry point into energy management for owners of PV installations
  • Available complete with installation at a great price (even in existing storage tanks)
  • A good value alternative to solar thermal energy installations (no complex fitting process for pipe and pump systems)
  • Increases own electricity consumption (worthwhile due to further reductions in feed-in tariffs)
  • Can be used for hot water supply only or to boost heating systems, depending on the installation (saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions as well as equipment losses)
  • Built-in frost protection/automatic emergency mode guarantees a minimum water temperature

General specifications

  • Works with a variety of controls, such as the SolarLogTM or the Energy Manager from B-control
  • Standardized bus communication with Modbus RTU allows the system to be connected easily to a wide range of controls with RS485 interfaces
  • Automatic output adjustment in 500 W increments up to 3,500 W - depending on the excess PV electricity available
  • Integrated circuit breaker (no external contactor required)
  • Includes transmission of the current power output, circuit stages, error messages, frost protection or target and actual temperatures in the storage tank
  • 2 modes:
    • The EGO Smart Heater is notified of a power excess and independently regulates itself towards the 0 W limit
    • The EGO Smart Heater receives exact instructions from an energy management system regarding the outputs to be used
  • Software can be configured and updated
  • Temperature controlled via the EGO Smart Heater thermostat or software configuration
  • System designed with a long service life to meet relevant requirements in the heating industry - as demonstrated through extensive testing
  • VDE certificate to confirm compliance with required standards
  • Integrated safety cutoff via thermal limiter
  • Constant temperature monitoring to protect electronic components
  • 100% Made in Germany - from development to production