Insert Heater.

EGO Insert Heating Elements.

EGO Insert Heating Elements are made of EGO Tubular Heating Elements with screw thread, in conjunction with thermostats and temperature limiters. The control elements form a compact unit with the heating element. They are used to heat water or aqueous solutions directly.

They can be found in water heaters, continuous-flow heaters, hot water tanks or boilers, for example. Our Insert Heating Elements with screw threads are also suitable for retrofitting.

EGO Tubular Heating Elements have excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical characteristics. They consist of a stainless steel jacket (6,5 mm diameter, 2,4858/INCOLOY 825) and a highly compressed insulating compound which is embedded in a heater coil. All of the materials used offer maximum corrosion protection.

With our extensive standard ranges, we can supply the ideal Insert Heating Element for almost every application. We also define and produce Insert Heating Elements to individual requirements.