EGO Thick Film Technology.

EGO Thick Film is one of today’s most innovative and forward-looking solutions for heating technology.

The versatility of EGO Thick Film technology affords to be used in a wide range of industry sectors for different applications: at present especially in household appliances, medical technology and the automotive industry.

For EGO Thick Film products, paste systems are applied to suitable base materials and then baked. Through this sintering process, the paste systems acquire the desired physical characteristics (e.g. a certain conductivity or temperature sensitivity).

EGO Thick Film heating systems offer a temperature sensor system to be integrated into the heating elements for electronic control. The temperature sensor system can either have NTC or PTC characteristics.

EGO Thick Film products offer many advantages:

  • Advanced heating performance
    • High thermal power density
    • Fast response times (heating up/cooling down) due to low thermal mass
    • Homogenous and constructible heating allocation
  • Precise and reliable controllability of overall system in connection with electronic control 
  • Low built-in space by high level of system integration of all heating system components
Customized solutions.

The majority of today’s EGO Thick Film products are individual customer solutions which are designed to match our customers' individual and specific requirements. During the development and application stages we work closely together with our customers in a partnership based on trust and mutual confidence.

We offer wide support, providing advice for heating solutions.

EGO Thick Film products are available as metal core heating elements or as ceramic heating elements.