EGO HiLight®.

Short glow-up time.

EGO HiLight® Radiant Heating Elements.

EGO HiLight® Radiant Heating Elements offer many benefits: Their state-of-the-art technology assures a very short glow-up time of 3 to 5 seconds depending on variants.

The heating-up time is improved by excellent efficiency. In addition, the heating elements feature a well-balanced glow pattern and uniform heat distribution.

The heating element is instantly visible due to the short glow-up time, so the user can see the action.

E.G.O. offers single-circuit heating elements with heated diameters ranging
from 140 to 270 mm. Dual-circuit heating elements are available with heated
diameters from 180 to 320 mm and triple-circuit heating elements from
195 to 320 mm.

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