Radiant Heating Elements Commercial.

Tested millions of times.

EGO Radiant Heating Elements Commercial.

EGO Radiant Heating Elements combined with glass ceramic surfaces have proved their worth a million times. In the catering trade the sealed cooktops are regarded as a great benefit. 

Just what the professional needs.

For the chef in the professional kitchen Radiant Heating Elements are the best way to ensure fast and simple preparation even for pan-fried or à la carte dishes. The temperature control keeps the heat at exactly the right level all the time. Very low temperatures can be set, making EGO Radiant Heating Elements ideal for preparing temperature-sensitive dishes.

Available versions:

  • Square (270 x 270 mm)
  • Rectangular (270 x 540 mm)
  • Round (230 mm diameter)

The advantage of square and rectangular elements is that they provide an evenly heated cooking surface when several heating elements are combined. On the other hand, the round shape fits the cookware better and thus makes best use of energy.