Hotplates Household.

Successful since more than 60 years to date.

EGO Hotplates Household.

In the early 1950s EGO Cast Iron Hotplates were launched very successfully on the market. Since then they have been continuously refined and optimized. Numerous patents document the progress achieved.

The core of the system consists of a sturdy casting with perfectly level surface. High-speed hotplates have a built-in overheat limiter (protector). The present standard range classifies the hotplates according to size, wattage and type of control. Designed to match, the control elements include 7-position switches and energy regulators that make the hotplates a fully functional system.

Size and Performance

There are different kinds of hotplates in terms of size and performance. The majority of cookers are equipped with 145 & 180 mm diameter hotplates. Available are also special diameters such as 80, 115 and  220 mm.

The energy transfer or heat distribution of High-Speed Hotplates largely depends on the operating mode and the quality of the cookware.

A built-in protector is essential to protect the hotplate and its vicinity from excessive temperatures. The protector will not be activated when good quality cookware conducts the heat radiated by the hotplate. If the heat is not adequately dissipated, the protector will reduce some of the wattage. This protection against overheating is a real benefit, particularly on flat hobs that are mounted in wood or plastic.

The heating elements and controls developed and produced by E.G.O. are perfectly matched to one another in terms of efficiency. This is why EGO Hotplates with protector and control form one system.

6-Heat Hotplates

The 6-Heat Hotplates have three heating conductors. The switch has a power-off and six operating stages that are divided into three heat-up and three simmer or keep-warm settings.

The 6-Heat Hotplate is controlled by 7-position switches. The variants have identical functions, however they differ in type, depending on the particular installation conditions.

EGO 6-Heat High-Speed Hotplate.

High-Speed Hotplate: On overheating, the build-in protector switches off the underlined heating conductor.

6-Heat High-Speed Hotplates with protector are hotplates with higher wattage and overheat limiter. The bimetal overheat limiter steps down some of the wattage as soon as a specific temperature is exceeded.

Single-circuit Hotplates

EGO Single-Circuit High-Speed Hotplates have three heating conductors that are combined into one heating circuit. The wattage is controlled by means of EGO Energy Regulators.

To simplify storage and servicing, frequently 6-heat hotplates are used instead of the single-circuit high-speed hotplates described before. In this case  terminals 1 and 2 respectively 3 and 4 are short-circuited.

EGO Single-Circuit High-Speed Hotplates.

The overheat limiter is adjusted to allow for an adequate supply of power when inferior quality cookware is being used, without overheating the hotplates.