EGO Thermostats and Limiters.

Being designed for maximum flexibility, EGO Thermostats and Safety Temperature Limiters are available for almost every kind of use. Along with household devices, EGO Thermostats and Safety Temperature Limiters are seen use in e. g. medical engineering, heating technology, industrial plants as well as in water boilers.

EGO Thermostats are based on a concept that provides a high degree of flexibility. During the past decades, they have gained in importance in the white goods sector worldwide.

Operating Principle

The temperature detector consists of the sensor, the capillary tube, the diaphragm and an expansion medium. When the sensor is heated, the liquid medium heats up and expands. The expansion of the medium increases the pressure in the closed circuit system. The pressure increase is converted into a displacement in the diaphragm.

This displacement, also called travel, actuates a snap-action switch which opens or closes the contacts in the electric circuit. The reference variable is set via the Thermostat's adjusting spindle.

The Thermostats operate with very short travel increments. A stroke of 0,01 mm is equivalent to temperature changes of approximately 1 K. This accuracy is backed by meticulous precision work at the manufacturing stage.