Energy Regulators.

For Radiant Heating Elements.

EGO Energy Regulators.

E.G.O. customers benefit from our high vertical production level that assures a high and constant quality level of our products.

Due to our voltage driven energy regulators we provide our customers with products that switch the heating elements precisely and offer a unique repeatability.

Customers can choose from our full variety from one to three circuits, voltage variants and possible variants for autarkic hobs or free standing ranges (FSR).

EGO Heating elements and EGO Energy Regulators out of one hand give the customers the unique possibility to have a system which is ideally matched together. Decades of experience in cooking application fields are to the benefit of our customers.

Operating principle

EGO Energy Regulators control the temperature by switching the power on or off for longer or shorter intervals. The output is continuous at the highest setting. Energy regulators are installed immediately behind the control knob.

Energy regulators essentially consist of a heated bimetallic strip and a snap-action mechanism, i.e. a switch spring with a contact. When the heating element is switched on, the bimetallic strip is heated, allowing current to flow in parallel to the heating resistor of the cooking zone. This heats up the bimetallic strip which changes its shape and triggers the relevant contact.

When the position of the control knob is changed, the distance between the bimetallic strip and the regulator contact is also changed via a cam disc. The Energy Regulator allows the current to flow for longer or shorter intervals according to the size of this gap.