EGO Gas Power Unit.

EGO GPU – Gas Power Unit.

The EGO GPU (thermoelement version) is the heart of the EGO E-Gas System and is the only automatic gas burner control system including drivers which operates with up to six individual stepper motors for up to six burner systems.

It is designed as a 3-burner or 6-burner system with a self-sustaining switch mode power supply. The processors of the EGO GPU have been programmed in software Class C all safety features included.

The ambient temperature range is 0 to +105°C.

The EGO GPU has passed the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) type examination according to GAD (Gas Appliance Directive 2009/142/EG and CE-0085CM0454).

  • All-in-one gas power unit
  • 3-/6-burner control & safety valve
  • Thermocouple flame detection
  • Very high safety standard by 2-controller system
  • Standby power < 150 MW
  • Precise gas flow control
  • Compatible to existing E.G.O. systems
  • Identical look and feel for all cooktops
  • Repeatable and precise cooking level control
  • Output for external ignition module