EGO Wave TC.


EGO Wave TC.

The EGO Wave TC offers a complete new cooking experience with an optical feedback via an LC Display. This display makes it much more convenient for the user to operate appliances. All relevant information is supplied just when it is needed. A big benefit is that a normal standard glass ceramic can be used, thus saving money and effort. All functions can be used in a comfortable way by just touching the slider.

  • Full graphic feedback via LCD
  • Easy integration of advanced functions
  • Individual timer
  • Child lock
  • Central slider control
  • Additional functions via software change
  • Works with standard ceramic
  • Only minimal serigraphy needed
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Customization by software change

General Specifications

Cooking zones  
Cooking zones 8
Heating technology  
EGO Basic 1 Induction NO
EGO Basic 2 Induction YES
EGO G5 Induction YES
EGO Radiant Heating Element – Power board internal NO
EGO Radiant Heating Element – LIN Power board NO
Laser caps – general NO
Laser caps per cooking zone NO
7-segment display NO
TFT display YES
Bargraph NO
90° turnable NO
Color scheme – red YES
Color scheme – white YES
Color scheme – multicolor NO
Linear slider YES
Round slider NO
DigiSelect NO
Central selection YES
Single selection NO
Timer YES
Special function per cooking zone YES
Central special function YES
Keylock YES
Pause & recall YES

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications

Mechanical characteristics    
Shape trapezoid  
Dimension 138 x 85 x 11 L x W x H [mm]
Electrical Characteristics    
Supply voltage 5 / 13,2 V DC
Temperature 0 - 85 °C
Standby power < 0.5 W
Interface 2 x LIN
Switching relay n/a A
Cutoff relay n/a A
Power board supply voltage n/a V AC
Master/Slave concept NO