Laundry Controls.

Safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

EGO Laundry Controls.

Our modern control units operate all processes inside a laundry appliance. They ensure that all parameters are measured properly and are put into an optimal process. We set standards in safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

The drive system is an essential part inside a washing machine. E.G.O. has developed a wide range of motor controls starting with a phase angle control via inverter for asynchronous motors to inverter for modern Brushless Direct Current motors (BLDC motors). The efficiency of a dryer can be increased by using a heat pump to generate the heat for drying the clothes. In combination with a BLDC motor and an inverter, even higher efficiency levels can be achieved.

Thanks to our large application know-how we can tailor a perfect solution for and with our customers. That is why it is important to involve our engineers from the very beginning of the development phase. This enables us to integrate the optimal solution into the overall application environment even up to individual logistic solutions.