Metal Touch.

Surfaces without any other components.

EGO Metal Touch.

The EGO Metal Touch offers a complete new cooking experience. There is one single metal surface without any other components. The user interface works just by touching the metal front. The technology behind the metal touch is based on piezo-electric sensors. It works with metal surfaces up to 1.2 mm thickness. The sensors require a diameter of 12 mm and a minimum distance of 3 mm between each other. The design complements the function.

  • Slider to set fan level
  • Booster function
  • Light control/dimming
  • Filter indication
  • Time delay function
  • Clean air function
  • Lean design without mechanical buttons
  • Acoustic feedback
  • Easy to clean
  • Customization by software change

General Specifications

Laser caps NO
7-segment display NO
Bargraph NO
90° turnable NO
Color scheme – red NO
Color scheme – white NO
Color scheme – multicolor NO
Linear slider YES
Round slider NO
DigiSelect NO
Central selection NO
Single selection YES
Time delay function YES
Auto fresh air function YES
Customizable special function YES
Filter indication YES
Light control YES

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications

Mechanical characteristics    
Shape rectangular  
Dimension 193 x 46.7 x 16.8 L x W x H [mm]
Electrical characteristics    
Supply voltage 5, 12 - 15 V DC
Temperature 0 - 70 °C
Standby power < 0.5 W
Interface 1 x LIN
Master/Slave concept NO