Oven Power Module.

Electronic / Gas.

EGO Oven Power Module.

The EGO Oven Power Module (OPM) is the power board for the EGO Oven platform for double ovens. It drives an electric or gas double oven. In addition, an EGO Oven Display Unit (ODU) and an EGO LIN Code Switch (LIN CS) are necessary. To drive a gas oven an EGO Gas Power Unit (GPU) is also required.

The EGO OPM has up to ten relay outputs to drive heaters in the oven cavities and up to four triac outputs to drive lights and fans.

  • OPM is controlled by the ODU
  • Powerboard for a double oven
  • Up to 10 different heating elements
  • Up to 4 different lights or fans
  • Plastic housing
  • Part of the electronical EGO Oven platform concept
  • For electric and gas oven
  • Safety relays
  • 230 V and 400 V supply voltage
  • Standby consumption < 0.25 W

General Specifications

Switching components  
Safety relays (16 A) 2
Power relays (10 A) 10
Power relays (7 A) Gas optional
Triacs (2 A) 4
Digital inputs 4
PT 1000 inputs 7
Electric YES

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications

Mechanical characteristics    
Shape rectangular  
Dimension 345 x 142 x 30.5 L x W x H [mm]
Electrical characteristics    
Supply voltage 230 VAC
Supply voltage 400 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Temperature 0 - 85 °C
Standby power < 0.25 W
Interface 3 x LIN