Basic Timer.

The basics for timing.


Single Oven Power Module.

Powering up to drive the lights and fans.


Oven Display Unit.

Mastering the oven system.


Oven Power Module.

Powering up to drive the lights and fans for two cavities.


EGO Oven Platform Products.

The EGO Oven platform offers a whole oven system for gas and electric ovens. We offer user interfaces from the entry segment to the high-end segment.

The EGO Oven platform includes user interfaces (displays and input units) as well as power modules to control the several heaters, lights and fans:

  •      EGO Basic Timer
  •      EGO Oven Display Unit (ODU a character display)
  •      EGO Single Oven Power Module (s-OPM)   for single cavity ovens
  •      EGO Oven Power Module (OPM) for double cavity ovens

In addition to the EGO Oven platform, we also offer special customized solutions. These are totally different controls or software changes of the E.G.O. standard.

Thanks to our large engineering and design competence as well as our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in applications we offer the best solution for our customers.  That is why it is important to involve our engineers from the very beginning of the development phase. This enables us to integrate the optimal solution into the overall application environment even up to individual solutions.