EGO Code Switches.

Mechanical operation for electronic controls.

EGO Code Switches.

We offer a rotary Code Switch well-matched with our induction heaters to work in a system as effectively and efficiently as possible. The products are adopted to each other and are optimized to work perfectly together. The EGO Code Switch integrates all necessary functions to control electric as well as gas ovens, all slaves with identical hardware and software. So we can offer our customers an ideal platform to systematically set up a product range with the same control philosophy. The EGO Code Switches are available as master and slave versions.

Our experience in hob applications, heating and control devices gives our customers the best performance for their application.

EGO Code Switches can be easily connected to other EGO cCntrols to combine electronic features in electromechanic components and are tested and certified by VDE according to EN60730 and EN60335.

  • Master/slave configuration possible
  • Up to 7 code switches with one LIN address
  • Capacitive touch bottom in the knob for additional functions
  • Illuminating for knob available
  • Software Class B
  • Easy wiring in the application
  • Different colors and blink modes for customized products possible
  • Flexible detent positions and functions for the capacitive touch button offering:
    • push to turn
    • boost function
    • single circuit/dual circuit changeover
    • program selection and start button in one knob
  • Applicable for all sorts of applications like hobs, ovens, washers, dryers, etc.
  • Master/slave configuration possible; all slaves with identical hardware and software

Operating Principle

A Code Switch is a resistive element which changes its resistance by turning the spindle of the Code Switch. It has at least three connectors and is mainly used as a consistent adjustable voltage divider.

An electrical voltage divider consists of a non-electrical base material with a resistance material.

A movable sliding contact divides the electrical resistance. The change in electrical resistance will be used to give a signal.

The EGO Code Switches are available as a LIN Master and a LIN Slave. Therefore, they are fully compatible to existing EGO Controls.