EGO Area VArio TC

EGO Basic 4 Induction

EGO Steamer Einheit für Backofen

EGO Connective Cooktop

The EGO Connective Cooktop brings connectivity to the hob as a standard feature. This allows the hob to be automatically networked with the extractor hood, for example.

EGO Simple Oven Control

The EGO Simple Oven Control is a cost-effective yet flexible touch control that can be used to conveniently operate basic functions in a modern way.

EGO Chroma user interface

The EGO Chroma user interface is a design-oriented touchscreen solution for backing ovens, washing machines, dryers and dishwashers in the mid-class segment.

EGO Wave Touch

The EGO Wave Touch is a touch control for glass-ceramic panel hobs. The temperature-resistant LCD display provides particularly clear visualization and user guidance.

EGO TC Lite Slider SmartKii

The EGO TC Lite Slider SmartKii user interface now applies the smartphone operating philosophy to the hob.

EGO G6 user interface

The EGO G6 user interface for latest laundry care offers an intuitive operating philosophy and also has for the first time integrated connectivity as a standard in the mid-price segment.

EGO Pure Line

The EGO Pure Line offers connective displays that combine minimalistic design with intuitive user guidance.

EGO connectivity solutions

EGO connectivity solutions with “augmented reality” option supplement and extend the functionality of the user interface on the household appliance.

EGO TFT user interface

The EGO TFT user interface for laundry care offers unlimited design freedom in the high-end segment and can be configured with personal settings, depending on user preference.

EGO OptiTex sensor

The EGO OptiTex sensor detects the type of laundry material and the humidity in the drum - making it possible to realize the ideal drying program.

EGO surface heat control

The EGO surface heat control for thick film heating elements reliably protects against damage caused by overheating in washing machines.

Product of the future: induction

An E.G.O. Product of the future: induction

G5S Induction Hob

The G5S induction hob allows you to set up up to eight different cooking areas.

Basic 3 Induction Hob

E.G.O. developed an affordable, high-quality starter model – the Basic 3 induction hob.

EGO Motor Heating Pump

The EGO motor heating pump replaces three individual units: the pump, heating unit and temperature measuring device.


E.G.O. completes its premium line of induction hobs with the Teppan Yaki, the wok and the special “AreaCooking” as part of the new “G 5” program.

Machine Control Inverter

During its “Innovation Week” at the company’s headquarters in Oberderdingen at the end of September 2012, E.G.O. announced that the “Machine Control Inverter” was in the concept phase.


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