E.G.O.-Group** 2017.

Information sheet
Locations: 18 distribution and production companies in 16 countries:
  Austria, China, Croatia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, United States of America
Chairman of the Management Board: Dr. Johannes Haupt
Managing Directors: Dr. Karlheinz Hörsting
Benno Rudolf
Wolfgang Bauer
Turnover 2017: EUR 609 million
Turnover 2016: EUR 606 million
Number of employees 2017*: 5,740 employees
Number of employees 2016*: 5,795 employees
Strategic business areas:  
Appliance Heating Comprises all products for heating household appliances and has been a core activity of the E.G.O. Group since 1931.
  Traditional areas: hotplates, radiant heating elements, tubular heating elements
  Future areas: induction hotplates, thick film heating elements
Appliance Control Comprises all products relating to control systems.
  Traditional areas: electro-mechanical controls. i.e. switches, energy regulators, thermostats
  Future areas: electronic controls and systems, i.e. touch controls, system products for washing, drying, and washing dishes
Industrial In the field of industrial applications and in other industries, the E.G.O. Group meets special requirements and offers solutions in the fields of material processing, automotive, medical and advanced process technology.
Vision: E.G.O. stands for innovative, high-quality and useful products that make people's daily lives easier.

* yearly average
** a subgroup of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding


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