The E.G.O. -Group: a worldwide technology company with a regional background.

E.G.O., headquartered in Oberderdingen, is known around the world as a leading supplier to household appliance manufacturers.

The cornerstone for this development was laid more than 80 years ago when Karl Fischer invented the first electric hotplate suitable for series production. With this product he not only revolutionized and simplified cooking, but created the basis for a company that is still one of the most important innovators in the industry.

Today the company supplies all heating and control elements needed for cooking and baking, for washing and drying, and for dishwashers. In addition to the household appliance products, E.G.O. also supplies components, systems and technologies for the restaurant industry and professional laundries and complex components for medical equipment, building services and the automotive industry.

Through systematic expansion at home and abroad and a multitude of important innovations, the E.G.O.-Group has ultimately become what it is today:  a company with a worldwide reputation.

Today E.G.O. has production and distribution companies in 20 locations across 17 countries. With approximately 6,000 employees around the world, the company generated EUR 603 million in turnover in 2018.

Guaranteeing the highest possible standard, meeting customers' needs and reacting and responding quickly to market changes: this approach reflects our interest and our general attitude in adapting to the individual requirements and cultures of customers and countries. This process starts from the bottom up, namely with our staff. And since the company sees itself as a team, E.G.O. employees are given a particularly high standing in the company's policies. Tasks and decision-making powers are consciously handed over to staff to encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions. In this way, everyone is given the opportunity to play an active part in shaping the company’s future.

E.G.O. is not only a multinational enterprise; it also has a clear view of its place in the world. The company is therefore already thinking about the future and demonstrating a strong commitment to preserving the environment.

Environmental protection is systematically anchored in the company management and ecological factors are taken into consideration in all of our day-to-day work and policy decisions, such as in the building of the Development and Technology Center. In this project the environment was taken into consideration right at the planning stage. This is reflected in the green roof of the new building, the special heat insulation and a computer-controlled system that regulates the interior lighting via sensors.


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