Thousands of ways of keeping
temperatures in the appropriate range.

The E.G.O. toolbox of various heating technologies allows heating systems be perfectly adapted to the respective application. With energy-optimized and efficient solutions for precisely controlled, highly precise heating in home appliances, industry, medicine and energy technology.


  • Highly precise, controlled heating, tailor-made for customer applications
  • Heating systems: from 0 to 50 KW 
  • Power density: from 0 – 50 watts/cm³

Conventional heating technology
Resistance heating systems
Radiant heating elements
Tubular heating elements 

High-tech heating technology
Induction systems
Infrared systems
Thick-film heating systems

  • Complete systems, including bus technology
  • Complex regulation and control technology based on sensors and actuators

Benefits to the customer

  • Highly precise regulation, customized to the requirements of the application
  • Fast reaction time
  • Wide range of heating technology, customized for the specific applications
  • Optimized design for energy efficiency
  • Control technology based on electronic or electromechanical control technology, or a combination of the two
  • High reliability, tried and tested a million times over
  • Use of E.G.O. process expertise with wide support for applications.
  • Global organization with application support and worldwide manufacturing options
  • Expertise covering the complete system, including the fields of heating, control, adjustment, insulation
  • Modular combination options
  • Efficient system control software
  • Compliance with all established norms, including support for approval
  • Safety and durability
  • Large portfolio: from individual components to complete systems optimized for efficiency

Problem solutions

  • Solutions optimized for energy and cost-efficiency, delivering controlled, regulated and highly precise heating


  • Home appliances
  • Industrial applications
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical technology
  • Bio-technology
  • Energy
  • Heating and hot water technology