If everything is running as well
as it should be, high-tech from
E.G.O. is probably behind it.

Over 30 million reliably operating controls are impressive evidence of our expertise in this field. We develop and manufacture a wide range of electronic and electromechanical system components exactly to meet the requirements of our customers.


  • Inverter technology
  • Highly precise control and regulation of all drive systems currently on the market, such as BLDC, ASM, etc.
  • System definition and optimization
  • BLDC inverter controls

Benefits to the customer

  • Common application and label inspection
  • System optimization to reduce the use of resources (water, cleaning agents, energy, etc.)
  • Energy-optimized design of the entire system
  • Cost-optimized, variable design of the whole system (machine/drive)
  • Global footprint with local logistics and quality assurance
  • More than 30 million controls working reliably on the market
  • Highly automated, highly flexible production facilities around the world
  • Consistently high quality of supply
  • Years of successful collaboration with established quality brands
  • Solution expertise
  • Large number of patents

Problem solutions

  • Complex inverter controls
  • Layout, optimization and implementation of the entire system
  • Efficient, high-quality manufacturing footprint, close to the customer


  • Home appliances
  • Industrial applications
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical technology
  • Bio-technology
  • Energy
  • Heating and hot water technology