Top-secret one minute,
in your home the next.

Current innovations.

In future you will know exactly how low
a “low flame” is.

E-Gas from E.G.O. makes generating heat from gas more convenient, safer
and more precise. The new technology combines the operating convenience
familiar from glass ceramic or induction stove tops, for example, with gas
as the energy source.


Silence is silver, communication is gold.

E.G.O. Smart Home Automation ensures that appliances
understand one another better – across all systems and brands. 
In this way, the EEBus-based solution facilitates more efficient 
energy management inside a smart home – and outside it.


Top-secret one minute, in your home the next.

The development and continuous improvement of technology and products shape the history of our company. All around the world our staff are continually working on making life easier, safer and more comfortable. At this point we would like to give you an insight into how varied and interdisciplinary and yet practical and customer-oriented our research is.