Achieving more together. Cooperations.

The development of new products and technologies plays a fundamental role for the future of E.G.O.  As an innovator in the appliance industry, E.G.O. has always had a large research and development department to foster new ideas, test prototypes and drive new products through to series production.  E.G.O. works with numerous cooperation partners to bring these ideas to the market place.  

A selection of these can be found here:

Smart Kitchen

In the research project "Smart Kitchen", an interdisciplinary team is developing solutions for how to integrate digital and customized media into the cooking environment, so that cooking becomes more intuitive, sociable and fascinating in the future.

Research project "SmartKitchen"

DATEC Coating Corporation

Datec is a Canadian technology company that specializes in heating solutions that enables manufacturers to optimize the performance of their products. Their patented unique sol-gel thick film heating elements & paste enables E.G.O. to design thick film products for a much wider range than with the pastes currently available  in the market. Therefore we have agreed on a long-term exclusive partnership for major home appliance solutions to jointly explore market opportunities. 

DATEC Coating Corporation

Radio Frequency Energy Alliance (RFEA)

E.G.O. is a member of the Radio Frequency Energy Alliance (RFEA) – a global industrial consortium that promotes microwave technology for energy applications. The objective of the consortium is to support the market success of this innovative technology. With this in mind, the members define standardized interfaces, agree on product standards and promote this technology. They are thus setting the course for the acceptance of the technology and for its rapid growth.

Radio Frequency Energy Alliance (RFEA)

KIT Business Club

More than 5000 scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are working steadily to develop new and promising technologies for industry and society. At the same time, companies like E.G.O. are showing a growing need for new ideas and innovative products. The KIT-Business-Club brings both worlds together. 


AEESD (Strategic Action Digital Economy and Society) program

The Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda has financed the project with the code TSI-100103-2016-26 as part of the AEESD (Strategic Action Digital Economy and Society) program.

The project is part of the “NEW MOD1 PLATFORM FOR COMMERCIAL INDUCTION STOVES.” It meets the high technical development requirements placed by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda on this type of collaboration, creating incentive for companies to continually advance this technology.