We aim to create something useful:
It's in our DNA.

Ever since E.G.O. was founded we have consistently put the needs of our customers center stage. Our customers’ needs and our own research repeatedly confronts us with new challenges. Solving them with a pioneering spirit and engineering expertise is what drives us towards our goal. Our company guidelines, environmental and quality principles help us to achieve the best possible results.

>E.G.O. Company principles
>E.G.O. Quality and environmental guidelines

Because high tech is not the only thing
we stand for.

Pioneering spirit

We shape the future with a burning commitment. We are inquisitive and open to change and we seize opportunities. We enjoy exploring new ground and finding quick and surprising solutions to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.


At E.G.O. we create sustainable company values and take responsibility for our staff, the region in which we are located, the environment and our customers and partners. Anyone who deals with E.G.O. should have the distinct feeling that they are dealing with an integer, reliable company.

Mission Benefit

Before we embark on any technical development, at E.G.O. we first address the issue of how useful it is. For us, quality and satisfaction mean knowing the needs of our customers – and their customers – and developing suitable solutions.